Plans for a Garden Room?

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Garden Rooms, Inspiration, Sustainable & Renewable

Whether you need a work from home space away from all distractions, a games room or even extra storage, a garden room may be a wise idea!


Garden Room Designs

When an extension isn’t an option and moving altogether is completely out of the question, a garden room can be an affordable and effective way of creating more space in a part of your property that is probably under utilised. The possibilities are endless when it comes to garden room plans and depending on budget and space for the project, one could create an office, a games room, a workshop, a space to entertain friends and family or even a guest bedroom.

Garden office building drawing plansThe Covid-19 pandemic caused us all to be at home more often than ever and because of this, extension plans, refurbishments, tweaks and remodelling became a trend for many. Working from home without enough soundproofing for Zoom calls or the desire to be surrounded by family to combat the loneliness of lockdowns, made us see our homes and gardens through a different lens. In the UK, we only enjoy a few weeks of glorious weather and therefore gardens, which are often redundant for countless months throughout the year, can be repurposed to accommodate aging parents, returning graduates and not-so-distant relatives in a cost effective manner.

Building a Garden Room

Garden room plans can be as basic as wooden structures built in timber or sustainable cedar, or as sophisticated as an environmentally friendly mini home complete with solar panels, triple glazing and SIPs. A SIPs construction provides both thermal insulation and air proofing, so is both economical and sustainable.  The walls of a garden room project, can be plastered and energy efficient windows and doors can also be used. These garden structures can even be built with green roofs to blend in with the garden! For more info on eco friendly builds, read this post.

Regardless of the design of your garden project, it’s important to consider an architectural specialist who can create architectural plans considering size, orientation, health and safety whilst ensuring plans are fit for purpose. For example, an architectural designer will consider lighting if you want to use the space for a workshop or an office and consider higher ceilings if used for a gym or swimming pool. Architectural plans also feature designs that consider intended use for now and for the future, often incorporating ideas for drainage, plumbing and electricals and heating.

Do I need planning permission for a garden room?

Most garden room projects fall under permitted development and therefore no planning permission plans or planning applications to the local authority tend to be required but again, an architectural designer can advise on whether this is the case.  The need for planning permission does depend on your local area, the height, the size and the orientation of your architectural project. For example, planning permission will be required if the garden room project is attached to a listed building or is in a conservation area or national park. Planning permission will also be dependent on the height, the size and the orientation of the structure and therefore it is wise to seek advice before starting a build.

Do I need building control approval for a garden room?

Garden room projects of up to 30m² do not usually require building control approval from the local authority either but again, if the plan is to use the room as a dwelling then building regulations will apply and full plans for building control will be needed – with an application to the local authority.

Garden room plans are often bespoke designs and made to order but ready made structures can also be bought and delivered in place (or assembled on site). There are a number of options out there –

depending on budgets, sizing and how involved you would like to be in the process of the build. However, in general, compared to other refurbishment projects, garden room plans are a simple way to achieve another room, without too much hassle… and some of them can even be dis-assembled and taken with you when you move home! So, as spring blooms into action, it may be worth thinking about just how much more you could get from your garden.

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