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Need planning drawings or building regulation plans for your garden room or garden office? Garden room plans, all online.

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With the use of clever software, modern camera technology, video-conferencing and highly specialised designers we can produce garden room plans and get council permissions for outbuildings much more quickly and efficiently.

Online garden building planning drawings

Garden room drawings and plans online


Maybe it’s going to be an office. There’s a good chance it’ll also become a playroom for the kids or even a makeshift yoga hut. We’ll have your little garden room drawings ready in no time.

Typical garden rooms or garden offices are exempt from Building Regulations Approval, due to their tiny floor space. However, plenty still require Planning Permission drawings. Even if your plans fall under Permitted Development, we would highly recommend obtaining a Lawful Development Certificate from your council.

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Garden Room Planning Drawings / Permitted Development Plans

You can check the UK Government guide HERE to see if your garden room / garden office is likely to need Planning Permission drawings. Even if your garden room is considered Permitted Development (ie. doesn’t need Planning Permission), it is still a good idea to get a Lawful Development Certificate. This is basically just written confirmation from your Local Authority that you can build without Garden Room Planning Permission and definitely aren’t breaking any rules! The Lawful Development Certificate will also come in handy when you eventually come to sell your home. The Lawful Development Certificate Application requires garden room drawings of the exact type you would normally use for a Planning Application.

Garden Room Building Regulations Drawings

Assuming your garden room is very small and has no sleeping accommodation, it is likely to be exempt from the Garden Room Building Regulations. If however, the proposed building is larger than 30m² then you will need Garden Room Building Regulations Approval. You can do this one of two ways;

1) A Building Notice
This is just a form that states you are building a garden room. It enables the inspectors to quote your fees and tells them to expect to carry out some site visits soon. There are no garden office drawings produced with this option and you or your builder can submit the Building Notice.

2) Full Plans Application
This is the one we would recommend as Garden Room Building Regulations Drawings are produced by us. They are pre-checked by the Building Control Officer before building work starts. This means you can be entirely confident that you will not be building anything non-compliant and have to make costly corrections. The garden room drawings we produce include all the relevant detailed section drawings, a specification and all relevant notes to get you Full Plans Approval. Your builder will also have a nice detailed plan to work from, further reducing the risk of mistakes on site.

We are absolute experts in producing fast garden room plans online. Once approved, our cheap building regulations plans will mean you have more money to spend decorating the place! 

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Garden office drawings and plans online

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We live and breathe architecture and building projects, so much so, we’ve created a collection of our favourite garden room and office ideas on Pinterest – take a look at, there are some amazing ideas out there!