How Arkiplan has helped its clients

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Inspiration, Your Home

Whether you’re growing your family and looking to expand your home or simply looking to add value to your property, investing in a home extension project means investing in you.

Optimising the space in your property will not only improve your home life – it will also lead to more interest in your property from potential future buyers.

Home renovation builds tend to have a reputation for being a tedious experience. Between developing your Architectural planning drawings and getting building regulations approvals, unless you’re a professionally trained architect, the list of requirements needed before starting your home extension build can be unexpectedly complicated for the average Joe to manage.

There’s also the issue of the project timeline and budget. Typically, these elements are flexible based on the expertise and process followed by your chosen architect. With optimism and the mindset of “trusting the process”, usually the client is left with never-ending deadlines paired with a spiralling budget, one you often don’t have any choice but to fork out in order to complete the project.

Who is Arkiplan


Arkiplan was created after noticing a gap in convenience and transparency in the costly and time-consuming traditional architectural design process.

With more than 10 years of experience in trial and error, owner Dave Chamberlain created a service providing planning drawings and building control drawings purely online, erasing stress from the home extension process and installing set budgets and timelines to ensure the easiest possible process.

Transfer your home into the true vision you had for your future by opting for a home extension. Whether it’s adding a car park to your property or starting a loft conversion project to achieve the home office of your dreams, a specialised Arkiplan Designer will draw up your architectural plans aligned with your needs and vision. We’ll then take care of the complicated administration process of getting council approval for your architectural drawing plans.

To ensure the smoothest possible process and fastest turnaround time, Arkiplan will submit your Planning/Building Regulations application on your behalf, for free.

Arkiplan will follow up with the council while maintaining open communication so you can feel comfortable knowing this stressful and at times confusing procedure is fully taken care of on our end.

Once your Planning Permission certificate is received, if required, we’ll upgrade your drawings to include all Building Regulations section drawings and specifications and then submit them for Building Control Approval. Once you have both permissions, you’ll be free to go ahead and begin with your building plans, taking your next step towards building a home perfectly matched for your needs.

How Arkiplan simplifies the design process


With a reputation for constant timeline extensions, spiralling costs and outdated processes when using a traditional Architect, it’s no wonder online architectural drawings services are considered the future of design.

At Arkiplan, our top-tech architectural design service uses modern camera technology, video-conferencing and highly specialised designers to produce architectural plans and get council permissions for domestic building projects way more efficiently than conventional design processes.

We understand as a busy homeowner your home extension project needs to be as streamlined as possible, at Arkiplan we’ll assign an expert Architectural Designer to your project, who will guide you through your entire process from start to finish, taking the stress out of your home extension process.

Taking our commitment to providing the best possible service to another level, during the consideration process of your Planning Regulations application, we will follow up with the council every week to ensure a decision is reached promptly, communicating everything to you along the way.

Our team of expert Architectural Designers have a minimum of 10 years of experience each in the specific area of homeowner architectural design. They know the Planning and Building Regulations rules for domestic extensions, loft conversions and garden rooms inside out, meaning the quality of architectural drawings you receive from us will be exactly the same standard as your local architect but the entire process is just far more streamlined, convenient and specialised.

Your vision, our mission. Opt for Arkiplan for your present and future investment.