The Fundamentals of Online Architectural Design

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Your Home

Initiating a renovation plan is exciting, but deciding which design professional to implement your home improvement project can be overwhelming. The current pandemic has forced the world to adapt to a somewhat isolating life, pushing a lot of businesses to pivot to an online business model. Cue the rise of online architectural design.

The difference between Architects and Architectural Designers


To legally carry the title ‘Architect’, you must be registered with the Architects Registration Board, prior to would have had to complete 7 years of training, in studies as well as practice, covering health and safety of buildings, their occupants and its surroundings, as well as the design process, planning and construction.
Contracting a qualified architect tends to fall on the more costly option of home renovation due to their experience, skill-set, and comprehensive training.

An Architectural Designer, on the other hand, has not qualified for the registration exam and therefore is not a licensed architect governed by a body. In most cases, an Architectural Designer is someone who studied and successfully completed their academic work and chose not to proceed to licensure.

Architectural Designers have a more practical approach to design as they typically work with clients that have a lower budget. Because of this, they are specialists in cost-saving design details that will meet the client’s needs and budget. Architectural design is primarily focused on functionality and they often have building expertise providing a more hands-on view of the project.


Why you need an online architectural design firm


While most online architectural design firms are tainted with the reputation for not being to deliver the same results as a traditional Architect. These claims can easily be disputed, by the vast amounts of highly reputable online architectural design firms holding credible references of their standard of work – matching that of a traditional Architect and even surpassing them.

Why should you opt for an online architectural design firm to do your home renovation? For one, you can get started immediately!

Figuring out where to start with your home renovation on your own can be incredibly confusing, but after sharing a few details with an online service, you’ll be able to start right away. Doing your project online will save you time by cutting out continuous home visits. A 3D scan of your house will generate accurate dimensions, as well as the ability to move virtually around your house as many times as needed to create precise drawings. An online architectural design firm will also be able to get all the necessary Local Authority Permissions for you to start building in minimal time. Home improvements, simplified!

High quality, more flexibility, a cheaper alternative and top-level support? Online architectural design firms are changing the home remodelling game by minimizing the need for lengthy timelines and spiralling costs.

If it seems too good to be true, ask your selected firms to see examples of their previous work and research references from past clients online for a more transparent experience.


How online Architectural Designers are trustworthy and reliable


An approved online architectural design firm will offer the expertise of experienced professionals at a fixed and cost-effective price with no compromise on quality.

Doing background checks into different qualified Architectural Designers and researching reviews will allow you to determine which companies are experienced, reliable and have expert knowledge for extension planning online.

A lot of established online architectural design firms like Arkiplan streamline the whole home improvement process from conceptualization to completion with additional features such as purchasing an Ordnance Survey map of your property, completing all the drawings, filling in all your Planning or Building Regulations forms, and then submitting them to your council. Arkiplan will follow up with the council to ensure a conclusion is reached promptly while keeping you updated on the progress.

Architectural Designers are able to guarantee a fixed price for planning drawings, as the drawings are produced online and then submitted for Planning Permission and Building Regulations approval, making it easy to pre-empt how much time will be spent on your project.

Selecting a designer with a good reputation among the local jurisdiction and design review board will not only help you feel assured that a dedicated team is on hand to assist and complete work to a high standard, but it will also help save time getting your project approved.


The issue with traditional architectural design


As the saying goes, change is the only constant.

We’re living in a world where social distancing has become the norm. With people now working virtually, booking an appointment every time you need to see your architect or make a design adjustment seems like it would push back timelines, making the overall process quite lengthy.

The hourly rate of a traditional Architect paired with unforeseen costs could lead to an unexpectedly high final invoice. Online Architectural Designers have streamlined their service to provide you only with a fixed price quote from the start.

Considering most traditional architects work alone on a single project, you are limited to only their point of view.


The Arkiplan difference


Our experienced team of Designers at Arkiplan are experts in online extension planning and drawing services. ArkiPlan is all about offering high-quality design to budget-conscious and remote clients, helping them achieve their perfect living arrangement rather than having to move to an entirely new property.

With the use of top-shelf technology, we get to work immediately prioritizing unmatched turnaround times while still achieving industry-leading planning drawings exactly the same standard as the planning permission drawings you would receive from your local Architect, but more affordable.

“Working virtually allows us to take on 10x the number of projects a local Architectural firm would handle, which means we have WAY more experience…What most traditional Architects would consider being small-fry, boring projects, we have basically chosen to become Shaolin Masters of” says founder, Dave Chamberlain.

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