The Pros and Cons of Using an Online Architect

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Inspiration, Your Home

Online architectural services are on the rise. Using the services of an online architect carries many benefits to those looking to expand or improve their living and/or workspace. That said, it’s important to make informed decisions when selecting a service provider – Begging the Question, what are the Pros and Cons of Using an Online Architect?

The current pandemic has had a role to play, with many customers in a pinch looking to cut costs wherever possible. Related lockdowns and social distancing boost the attraction of virtual services for every possible situation. Working from home has become commonplace – a shift that is predicted to remain long after COVID-19 – and adapting our homes has become a top priority.

The PROs of Using an Online Architect

Planning drawings & building regulations plans online

Get Started Immediately

Delaying your project because you don’t know where to start? Many property owners become overwhelmed with the number of choices offered by various contractors. While being committed to the concept of renovating, you may find yourself paralyzed in all the details. The hardest part is starting. And with an online service, you can start easily and right away by sharing just a few details.

Get Accurate Plans, Fast

Working online means that you save time. We help you get all the necessary Local Authority Permissions ASAP, so you can get building. Click submit and you’ll automatically enter our work schedule, and we will get started producing your drawings. We work on 14 days for a standard turnaround, or: 7 days (+£99), 3 days (+£399) and Next Day (+£499).

No Endless Home Visits

Once you’ve requested a quote and provided some details of your requirements, we will come out and 3D-scan your entire house. This will give us accurate dimensions and the ability to wander (virtually!) around your house as many times as we need to produce accurate drawings. Amidst COVID-19, this option is attractive and practical.

A Simple, Stress-Free Process for Perfect Drawings

From beginning to end, our procedure is simple:

  1. To start, all we need is a few details about your project
  2. We 3D-scan your home in one visit
  3. Your assigned designer will give you a quick phone/video/screen-share call to go through potential designs and answer questions
  4. Our Drafting Team work their magic
  5. You receive your drawings in the form of a .PDF file via email – job done! 

Great Quality at a Fraction of the Cost

An approved online offering carries the experience of time-tested professionals at a more affordable price point, with no spiralling costs. We offer a fixed price from the start.

On average, ArkiPlan customers save £3000 with us, rather than using a traditional architect. (Based on average extension cost of £50k and average traditional Architect fee of 7.5%). Our pricing includes your Free AutoCAD (.dwg) file, Planning Consent Submission and Building Control Submission. Local authority fees apply.

If you want to save even more money, you can provide your own floor plan measurements to us. These could be previous architect’s plans, measured sketches or Estate Agent plans.

Virtual meetings save on travel costs and help complete projects more quickly. Just imagine what you could do with those extra savings!

Remote Locations and Long-Distance Builds

How do you work with a local architect if you’re not living in the area you want to build? Perhaps you live in the city and are building your dream home in the country. Sometimes the best architect for the project isn’t located near your build location. Thanks to all online resources, this can be a lot easier than you think. Being entirely online allows ArkiPlan to offer drawings anywhere in England & Wales. 

Whether you’re across the country or around the corner, PDFs, screen sharing and more can make collaborating with a designer a smart move.

The CONs of Using an Online Architect

Cons of Using an Online Architect

It has to be said that the kind of online architectural service you select, will determine how well your concepts are turned into reality. Endeavour to find the best company for the job.  Some tips:

Select a Reputable Platform

Your designer should have experience with projects similar to yours and have a good reputation with the local jurisdiction and design review board. This can help save time and money getting your project approved. The key is to stick with reputable sites.

Do Your Own Background Checks

Take time to check out reviews, testimonials, references and credentials. You want to be sure you’re working with a professional service. 

Be Aware of Hidden Costs

Hidden (and sometimes omitted) costs can sometimes be associated with online architects. Ask from the outset about what services are included — and excluded — in the fee. Ask whether planning permission requires any extra charges.

Ensure Local Market Knowledge

Ask your selected service provider whether they have knowledge of the local market and geographical location of your building project. You’ll need the advice of an experienced individual or team on whether your project will sufficiently enhance the value of the property to cover its cost.

What Now?

Gone are the days when you could only work face-to-face with your local architect. With reputable service providers like ArkiPlan, you can now hire designers online and still turn your concept into a reality. 

As Architectural Technicians, the Planning Permission or Building Regulations drawings you receive from us will be of the same standard as (or better than!) your local Architect.

 “Working virtually allows us to take on 10x the number of projects a local Architectural firm would handle, which means we have WAY more experience, specifically with domestic extensions and loft conversions. We have seen and dealt with every potential pitfall a thousand times. What most traditional Architects would consider being small-fry, boring projects, we have basically chosen to become Shaolin Masters of” says founder, Dave Chamberlain.

Let’s Go!

ArkiPlan is all about offering high-quality design to budget-conscious and remote clients. Get an instant online non-obligation quote from us today!