Interior Design Tips For Your Loft Conversion

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Inspiration, Loft Conversions, Your Home

We recently teamed up with the wonderful people at My Bespoke Room so we asked them for their top interior design tips for our Loft Conversion clients.


What to consider when designing a loft conversion

Loft conversions are an incredible solution to creating more space in your home as your family grows. However, these tricky spaces come with many design challenges!

We’ve outlined here some of our favourite tricks and tips that we follow when designing these spaces for our clients and we hope they’ll be useful to you!

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Embrace the cosiness

Image credit: @barnestowers


Loft rooms are never going to be palatial – but that’s ok! Rather than fight this fact, we say embrace it.

Yes, painting a room white can make it feel a little bigger but it won’t perform magic – sometimes in smaller spaces the best thing to do is embrace the cosy feel of the room and paint the walls in a deep warming tone of your chosen colour.

However, we’d suggest you avoid the trend of painting your ceiling a darker colour in these spaces as you may feel a little claustrophobic.



Install a wall

Image credit: Real Homes


The biggest issue with loft extensions is the lack of usable wall space meaning furniture can float randomly in the middle of the room. Consider adding a stud or modular wall to give you  extra real estate for a hanging rail or full height mirror.



Fitted storage will be your best friend

Image credit: Real Homes


Fitted storage is the ideal solution for those awkward, hard to access areas with the lowest headroom. Without a wealth of full height walls available, you won’t be left with a great deal of space for a standard wardrobe.

Make sure to take stock of everything that needs to be stored in the room and how easily you need access to certain items. This will help you work out ahead of time where everything needs to be stored and whether you have enough.



Stop your loft space becoming a sauna!

Image credit: PMV Blinds


Hot air rises and so loft extensions can get extremely muggy! Especially thanks to the quality of insulation used nowadays. Add to that, light from above, such as velux windows is much more intense.

To avoid overheating, window treatments are a must in loft spaces. For velux windows it’s well worth the extra pennies for fitted blackout blinds which will help to keep the space cool during the day.



Plan out your lighting

Image credit: @life_at_the_lawns


With lower headroom, pendant lights with a long drop won’t really be an easy option for you. However, if you see a light you’re in love with then don’t rule it out completely as your supplier could advise you on how to shorten the flex.

You can also make use of the lower headroom to incorporate unique bedside pendant lights like in the image above.

Spotlights are a common and practical choice in loft rooms however don’t feel the need to rely on them alone. The key to a well considered lighting scheme is different levels of light. Plan out where sockets will go to enable you to add in floor and table lighting to create an ambient feel.~

Celebrate, don’t hide awkward spaces

Image credit: Wallpaperfromthe70s


Although tricky, loft spaces can be a lot of fun to design! They present really interesting architectural features that can be celebrated rather than disguised.

Turn your sloping walls into a fun feature using wallpaper, artwork or even shelves:


Image credit: My Bespoke Room



We hope you’re now armed and ready to go with designing your new loft conversion but if you need an extra pair of experienced eyes, we’re at the end of the phone! Click below to find out how it works or to book your free, no-obligation consultation.


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