Meet Your Designer: Arita Beqiri

Arita Beqiri

Fun fact: Rita Ora is one of my clients

Worked at Arkiplan since?

June 2021

Most challenging project?

The most challenging project was a small newbuild house on a site for two garages. The site constraints were very tight and I had many difficulties obtaining Planning Permission as it was in a conservation area. We eventually overcame the Conservation Officer’s height worries by placing the ground floor below ground.

How long have you been making clients’ lives more beautiful?

I have been in the industry since 2003.

I have a degree in architecture from abroad and have a Masters Degree obtained in UK.

Why did you get into architectural design?

The truth is my father was an architect so I just followed in his footsteps. I was always interested in making something…anything.

It started with LEGO and then progressed to clothes, simple stools or small side tables. Now, I like improving imperfect things and making them usable!

Previous work experience?

Worked for ACPArchitects Ltd – large practice (no longer practicing) in Hertfordshire which was mainly building new schools for PFI until 2008. Then I worked for Avanti Architects in London-2008-2009 – healthcare project in Glasgow. I worked for Brocklehurst Architects in Buckinghamshire for 3 1/2 years on residential projects mainly and my last practice was Roger Mears Architects In Islington, which is a conservation practice and worked on listed building and conservation area residential projects.

I have experienced a broad spectrum of the architecture industry.