Key Things to Know When Planning a Loft Conversion

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Inspiration, Your Home

The average cost of property is getting more and more expensive, and this is making it much harder for families that have outgrown their current home to purchase somewhere bigger. Instead of browsing the property market for a new house that’s able to accommodate their family and their future plans, many are considering converting their loft and turning this otherwise wasted space into a usable room. 


The vast majority of lofts are suitable for conversion and whether you’d like an extra bedroom, a new home office or another lounge area, your loft space is ideal to convert. If you’re interested in converting your roof space from an empty area or storage area into somewhere you can spend time, there are a few key things to know. So, to help any homeowners, below we have listed some important information to be aware of when planning a loft conversion. 


There are Different Types of Loft Conversions


Similarly to exterior extensions, there are lots of loft conversion options to consider and several factors will influence which type of conversion is best for your home. One of the most cost-effective options is a roof light conversion and this is also the least disruptive. Simply put, skylight windows and a staircase will be installed to create a usable space, and you won’t have to worry about lots of time-consuming building work being carried out. 


Other alternatives include a dormer conversion, which is one of the most popular solutions, hip-to-gable conversion and mansard conversion. It’s worthwhile to look into all of these different types of conversions in more detail before deciding which is best to help you create some much-needed extra space in your home. It may be beneficial to get some loft conversion drawings too, these can help you to visualise the conversion from both the outside and inside, making it easier to choose the perfect solution for your family and your lifestyle.  


Some Loft Conversions will Require Planning Permission


Typically, loft conversions can be carried out under ‘permitted development’. This means you won’t require full planning permission to convert your loft space into a livable space and you can start work without applying for planning permission. However, for this home improvement to be classed as permitted development, it has to meet specific criteria. 


It’s essential to check whether your loft conversion will require planning permission during the planning stage of the project. If you don’t know much about permitted development rights, you should double-check with your Local Planning Authority whether you require planning permission before you start work on your conversion. 


Should your project fall under permitted development, it’s highly recommended that you get a Lawful Development Certificate to help you avoid any issues in the future, especially should you decide to sell your home. 


Building Regulations are Continually Changing


Whenever you’re converting your loft into a habitable space, you will require building regulations approval. Building regulations are designed to ensure that all new-build properties and renovations, including conversions, are safe and high-performing. It’s important to note that building regulations change over time and when you’re planning a loft conversion, you need to ensure that you’re complying with the latest building regulations. 


If you’ve carried out home improvements in the past, building regulations might have been changed since that time. For example, back in June 2022, building regulations were updated to include new requirements that would help to cut carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency in an attempt to help reach the Government’s net zero target by 2050. So, ensure you’re looking at the latest building regulations when planning your loft conversion. 


Planning a Loft Conversion for your Home 


Hopefully, the information above will be useful if you’re interested in converting your loft space into a usable room and it will help to make this home improvement project more straightforward. Here at Arkiplan, we can assist you with any drawings you may need for your loft conversion and we are experts in both planning drawings and building regulations drawings. 


We operate slightly differently from traditional architects and we will produce all of your plans online. However, we don’t compromise on quality and you can rely on us to help you design the perfect loft conversion for your home. We understand that navigating planning applications and building regulations can be a minefield too, so we can support you throughout. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about the services we offer.