Make a Small Living Room Look Bigger

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Inspiration, Your Home

A small living room doesn’t have to look confined or bland because there are a number of smart design tricks that can make limited space look a lot bigger. The key to being content in a small space is to blend practical solutions with space saving ones – without compromising on personal taste or design.

Choose Colours Wisely

A lick of paint goes a long way and painting rooms white, eggshell or in lighter tones, is key to making a room look brighter and lighter. Not only does a lick of paint uplift a room and give it a refreshed feel but painting the walls, ceilings, and skirting boards all in one colour also helps to make the room look wider, longer and bigger. Darker tones can also be used if this is a preference but only if they are balanced with lighter ones – for example, a lighter coloured sofa positioned against a darker wall in tones of grey or blue.

Open Up

If your living room is on the light side when it comes to square footage, why not try opening up the space to connecting rooms? Opening up doorways and merging connecting rooms, immediately brings in light and encourages flow of movement. The widening of doorways maximises the width and length of a room and if possible, the raising of ceilings or addition of roof lanterns. If making structural changes isn’t possible, removing doors or replacing solid doors with glass ones to each connected space can help make a difference also.

Furnish Functionally

Think about pieces that aren’t just stylish but are also fit for a number of purposes. Think about a sofa that has storage drawers or shelves that can accommodate a table or desk space underneath. The key to a larger space is less clutter and so less is more when managing a smaller space and thefore sideboards and coffee tables that have drawers and allow for the concealing of books, magazines and other decor minimises clutter and busy-ness in a small space.

Natural Light

Natural light eliminates shadows and therefore makes any room look brighter and wider. The easiest way to boost natural light in a room is to position a mirror where it will reflect the light from a window, creating more depth in the room. If natural light is limited then the same effect can be created using artificial ceiling lights that are bright enough to mimic natural sources.

Go Big and Go Large

A rug that sits under a sofa or coffee table should extend beyond the width and length of the furniture because it will draw the eye wider and make that living space appear bigger. Alternatively, a tiny rug creates the opposite effect.

Feature a Focal Point

Creating a feature wall or some kind of design piece will immediately draw the attention to that feature and away from the size of the room. A good example is to design a feature wall behind a sofa with colour, interesting wallpaper, mirrors or artwork.

Create Illusions

One of the simplest tricks for making any room have the illusion of grandeur is by using mirrors. Mirrors that are cleverly positioned, reflect light, double up on space and help enhance the design of any room, so it’s a win-win all round.

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