How to Create a Home Gym

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Extensions, Inspiration, Loft Conversions, Your Home

If exercise is top on your list of priorities but you don’t want to fork out for a lifetime of gym memberships, then creating a space at home is the ideal solution. If you’re going to work out at home, make sure you choose a room where there’s plenty of light. A well-lit space makes it easier to see what you’re doing, and it also helps you avoid injury. Flooring that is hard wearing, durable and non-slip such as vinyl or even rubber tiles is also essential.


If you have a large garden or enough land to house a small building, you may want to consider building an annex. Annexes are great because they allow enough space away from the main distractions of the household and can also provide a lot of light and much needed ventilation. The use of mirrors can also make a smaller outbuilding look much bigger.


It’s amazing how many people have a garage that they rarely use. Most use theirs to store household extras or even junk that they don’t need! A garage is a great space for an indoor gym because it is usually connected to the house for easy access to light, electrics and water but usually far away enough to avoid an early morning or late night workout disturbing the rest of the family.


Few people think of building downwards when considering home extensions but where space could be tight at the rear or the side, a basement is a possible alternative. The only downside to basement gyms is the lack of natural light and more importantly, natural ventilation but these problems can be solved with a variety of clever lighting tricks and an investment in air ventilation systems.

Rear or side extensions

Other extensions to consider are rear extensions, side extensions, garage extensions and even loft conversions, as all prove valuable when thinking of creating a home gym. Depending on your exercise routine, a home gym need not been too overly complicated – for example those who practice yoga, pilates or aerobics, need minimal heavy duty equipment. Rooms can also serve a double purpose and be used as a home gym and a spare bedroom, for example, with the use of clever storage solutions, sofa beds and furniture on wheels for example.

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