Architects Near Me?

by | May 27, 2022 | Extensions, New Builds, Your Home

Architects Near Me?

An architect helps people create beautiful places for living, working, and playing. You should consider hiring an architect when you need to build something new, renovate an existing space, or remodel a room. If you’re planning to sell your home in the future, optimising the space in your property will not only improve your home life – it will also lead to more interest in your property from potential future buyers.

There are several reasons why hiring an architect might make sense for your building project. They usually work directly with clients, so they understand what you will need, whilst balancing ideas with planning permission rules and building regulation guidelines. Finally, they can provide advice on factors such as sustainability and energy efficiency.

Home renovation builds tend to have a reputation for being a tedious experience. Between developing your architectural planning drawings and getting building regulations approvals, unless you’re a professionally trained architect, the list of requirements needed before starting your home extension build can be unexpectedly complicated for the average person to manage. There’s also the issue of the project timelines and budgets. Typically, these elements are flexible based on the expertise and process followed by your chosen architect.


Local Architects

If you live near an area where there are many architects, you can check with your local professional organisation to see if any of them are members. You can find these organisations online. Once you identify a few potential architects, you can contact them directly by phone or email. Ask them questions about their services and fees. Be sure to ask about their availability, how much experience they have, and what kind of projects they specialise in. You should also ask an architect about their experience with similar kinds of projects. If they haven’t worked on any other projects like yours before, find out whether they have done work in your area. This will give you some insight into their knowledge and expertise.

Traditionally, home renovation projects come with a variety of spiralling costs and extended deadlines. Hiring a traditional architect to fulfil your remodelling project, will typically come with sporadic meetings, expensive costs stacking up and out-dated processes.

Between costs for back-and-forth correspondence, physically measuring and taking photos of your property, architects will typically spend a significant amount of time producing and adjusting different designs before reaching a final architectural plan.

Generally, it is hard for an architect to give a fixed price quote up-front. Building projects are often faced with pitfalls and unexpected delays, making it impossible to plan how much time will eventually be spent on a project in totality. Sometimes a traditional architect will charge the client a percentage of the final build cost plus any amendments to the architectural plans that would be needed in the future.

Perhaps you live in the city and are building your dream home in the country. How do you work with a local architect if you’re not living in the area you want to build? Sometimes the best architect for the project isn’t located near your build location. Thanks to all online resources, this can be a lot easier than you think. Being entirely online allows ArkiPlan to offer drawings anywhere in England & Wales. 

Whether you’re across the country or around the corner, PDFs, screen sharing and more can make collaborating with a designer a smart move.

While most online architectural design firms are tainted with the reputation for not being to deliver the same results as a traditional architect. These claims can easily be disputed, by the vast amounts of highly reputable online architectural design firms holding credible references of their standard of work – matching that of a traditional architect and even surpassing them.


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Architectural Designers Near Me

Most people think they need to hire an architect in their local area but modern technology has made creating architectural plans online, a quick and accurate process.

Why should you opt for an online architectural design firm to do your home renovation?

For one, you can get started immediately!

Figuring out where to start with your home renovation on your own can be incredibly confusing, but after sharing a few details with an online service, you’ll be able to start right away. Doing your project online will save you time by cutting out continuous home visits. High quality, more flexibility, a cheaper alternative and top-level support? Online architectural design firms are changing the home remodelling game by minimizing the need for lengthy timelines and spiralling costs.

 With reputable service providers like Arkiplan, you can now hire designers online and still turn your concept into a reality. 

As Architectural Technicians, the Planning Permission or Building Regulations drawings you receive from us will be of the same standard as (or better than!) your local architect.

 “Working virtually allows us to take on 10x the number of projects a local architectural firm would handle, which means we have WAY more experience, specifically with domestic extensions and loft conversions. We have seen and dealt with every potential pitfall a thousand times. What most traditional architects would consider being small-fry, boring projects, we have basically chosen to become Shaolin Masters of” says founder, Dave Chamberlain.

Arkiplan is all about offering high-quality design to budget-conscious and remote clients.

An approved online architectural design firm like Arkiplan will offer the expertise of experienced professionals at a fixed and cost-effective price with no compromise on quality.

Doing background checks into different qualified Architectural Designers and researching reviews will allow you to determine which companies are experienced, reliable and have expert knowledge for extension planning online.


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Plans drawn near me

A lot of established online architectural design firms like Arkiplan streamline the whole home improvement process from conceptualization to completion with additional features such as purchasing an Ordnance Survey map of your property, completing all the drawings, filling in all your Planning or Building Regulations forms, and then submitting them to your council. Arkiplan will follow up with the council to ensure a conclusion is reached promptly while keeping you updated on the progress.

Architectural Designers are able to guarantee a fixed price for planning drawings, as the drawings are produced online and then submitted for Planning Permission and Building Regulations approval, making it easy to pre-empt how much time will be spent on your project.

Selecting a designer with a good reputation among the local jurisdiction and design review board will not only help you feel assured that a dedicated team is on hand to assist and complete work to a high standard, but it will also help save time getting your project approved.


Online House Design

At Arkiplan, our top-tech architectural design service uses modern camera technology, video-conferencing and highly specialised designers to produce architectural plans and get council permissions for domestic building projects way more efficiently than conventional design processes.

We understand as a busy homeowner your home extension project needs to be as streamlined as possible, at Arkiplan we’ll assign an expert Architectural Designer to your project, who will guide you through your entire process from start to finish, taking the stress out of your home extension process.

Transfer your home into the true vision you had for your future by opting for a home extension. Whether it’s adding a car park to your property or starting a loft conversion project to achieve the home office of your dreams, a specialised Arkiplan Designer will draw up your architectural plans aligned with your needs and vision. We’ll then take care of the complicated administration process of getting council approval for your architectural drawing plans.

To ensure the smoothest possible process and fastest turnaround time, Arkiplan will submit your Planning/Building Regulations application on your behalf, for free.

Arkiplan will follow up with the council while maintaining open communication so you can feel comfortable knowing this stressful and at times confusing procedure is fully taken care of on our end.

Once your Planning Permission certificate is received, if required, we’ll upgrade your drawings to include all Building Regulations section drawings and specifications and then submit them for Building Control Approval. Once you have both permissions, you’ll be free to go ahead and begin with your building plans, taking your next step towards building a home perfectly matched for your needs.


The Future of Architectural Design

With today’s world favouring the speed and convenience that being able to complete tasks online offers, it’s no longer a necessity to meet in person every time a change is made in your home renovation process.

On average, Arkiplan customers save £3000 with us, rather than using a traditional architect. (Based on average extension cost of £50k and average traditional Architect fee of 7.5%). Our pricing includes your Free AutoCAD (.dwg) file, Planning Consent Submission and Building Control Submission. Local authority fees apply.

If you want to save even more money, you can provide your own floor plan measurements to us. These could be previous architect’s plans, measured sketches or Estate Agent plans.

Virtual meetings save on travel costs and help complete projects more quickly. Just imagine what you could do with those extra savings!

 Built on an impeccable, reliable reputation, Arkiplan offers a streamlined, quick solution for your architectural drawings.

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