Interesting Pinterest Design Ideas

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Inspiration, Your Home

Sometimes having the home of your dreams means tailoring it to your exact needs.

Most people caught up in the busyness of life barely consider the possibility of updating the home they’re in. With the preconceived notion that renovations are costly and tedious, the idea of moving to an entirely new property that instantly meets your needs and wants can be tempting, but thanks to new technology, home renovations have evolved into a fairly streamlined system.

In recent times, the home renovation process has been optimised, simplifying the experience with convenient procedures, like those offered by online architects.

Simple processes paired with a fixed budget gives you the freedom to explore your creativity and truly match your home space to your desires.

We’ve found a couple of our favourite Pinterest design ideas that will meet your creative urge.

A striking/memorable staircase

Unusual staircase designs can upgrade a traditional home into a showpiece. Gone are the days of staircases only serving as a route from point A to B. Apart from their functionality, making a staircase the focal point of a home can transform its whole ambience into a mesmerising environment.

Whether you opt for the more grounded feel of natural finishings or you’re considering being daring with art-deco inspired geometric shapes, having the confidence to build a bold staircase will definitely pay off.

Airy glass walls

Adding glass walls to your home might just be the new height of sophistication. This memorable design feature instantly opens up spaces, providing a free-flowing feel to previously closed off areas.

There are several different types of glass wall designs including, large windows, room dividers, sliding doors and more, all of which can be used throughout a property.

Glass walls add both style and spaciousness to a room, not to mention the new inflow of natural light, which is considered an invaluable benefit towards long-term investment in your property.

Add a nook


Never underestimate the power of a nook! It’s time to elevate your wall game. Add dimension to a space with the addition of a shelf nook. Converting a standard wall into a mini library or ornament shelf will add character to an empty space. When designing your nook try experimenting with its shape. Creating an arched nook will give you a more rustic, homey feel while a straight angled shape is more modern and edgy. Regardless of the shape, big or small, a nook has the potential to quickly become your new favourite spot.

Multifunctional spaces


The pandemic has most of us prioritizing our home space and relying on its functionality, hence the rise in the popularity of multifunctional spaces. The demand for versatility in a living space has never been higher. With most of us forced to work from home, it’s important to have convertible spaces, that are easily optimized for different activities.

Reworking unused corners into a purposeful area or having double-duty rooms such as a dining room work zone are must-have details for enhanced home life.

Whatever design trend you’re thinking of exploring, three common themes don’t seem to be fizzling out anytime soon; bright, functional and aesthetic-driven spaces are here to stay.

All images were sourced from Pinterest.