Home extension ideas to consider in 2022

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Extensions, Your Home

In light of the isolation all of us have been forced into for the last two years, it’s no wonder home renovation builds are on the rise.

With endless time to reassess the layout of our living space, and what it’s lacking, it’s predicted that in 2022 an insurgence of homeowners is taking the plunge to update their space.

House extensions are a fairly straightforward and affordable way to improve your property. They improve your living space by allowing more light into previously dull areas, opening up the flow from one area into another, or even optimizing a room to get more usage out of the space. There’s also the opportunity to increase the square footage of your property with a home extension project, this investment will completely transform the feel of your property, boosting its value in the process.

Today’s demand to have a space designed to meet the homeowners specific living needs to enhance their at-home life daily is at an all-time high.

Below are five design inspiration ideas we predict will increase in popularity in 2022.

Add an orangery

Adding an orangery to your home creates the perfect outside-indoor balance, allowing natural light and aesthetics to flow through the versatile space.

This flat-roofed, brick structure boasting big windows was originally constructed in the 17th century to help fruits and plants grow during the winter season. Lately, however, the luxurious addition is being used as a hybrid living space throughout the change of seasons.

The outside views offered from an orangery let you enjoy nature scenes whether the sun is shining or you’re in the middle of a thunderstorm, whilst being protected from the elements. This zen extra addition has the potential to increase the value of your home significantly.

Optimise your space

There always seems to be a specific area in each home just lingering in the background, gathering dust. Awkward, unused spaces may seem like a nuisance to most until you have the opportunity to look at the zone from a different perspective through a home renovation. The ability to modify a space to become a functional, elevated area, adding importance to the overall home design, is incredible if you consider the general mindset of “on to the next one” if a property, over time,  doesn’t completely suit your needs.

Add potential to your residency by upgrading the current design to convert unused space into the most valuable areas of the property.

Sustainable living

With the consequences of global warming becoming more obvious, there has been a rapid growth of environmental consciousness, and as a result, an increase in eco-friendly home modifications.

Expect to see more recycling of sustainable materials used throughout the home. The addition of energy-efficient solar panels and household products. Insulation measures, a cost-effective way to protect your home from the elements, and the repurposing of pieces to breathe new life into the item instead of replacing it.

Spacious Open-plan Living 

It’s no secret open-plan living spaces are at the height of most of our desires after spending a significant amount of time trapped within confined living spaces during the pandemic.

Open-plan living boosts the functionality of a home by advancing a previously limited space to a focal-point area that has evolved into the hub of a home.

A rear extension, creating an open-plan exterior living zone,

encourages you to spend more time outdoors simply be being drawn to the inviting space.

Similarly, a rear extension project that can optimize the wasted space at the back of your home is the perfect opportunity to extend the floorplan of your property, creating even more room.

What home extension idea would you consider to transform your home life in 2022?