The Benefits of Having a Garden Office

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Garden Rooms

Creating an effective work-life balance lies in having a clear separation between each space. While remote working has become the norm, this self-disciplined way of life requires a dedicated workspace to keep the productivity levels high and the distractions at bay.

If you’re thinking, “there’s no space in my home for an office”, have you ever considered outside?
Converting the unused space in your garden into a constructive home office could add value to your home and add structure to your life.

Having a detached area to work from will not only allow you to switch off at the end of the day but it has also been proven to be beneficial for your mental health and productivity levels. Not to mention, enjoying views of nature between work is a far better distraction than checking social media or losing your momentum in a conversation with colleagues.

The pros of having a garden office.

Some people working from home need to have an office away from their home in order to have a constructive working flow.

Putting effort into creating a customized, organised working space in your garden will enable you to save money that would have gone towards renting a space, it could also be a significant investment towards your future as research shows garden offices can add as much as 7% to the value of your property.
Renovation-wise, adding a garden office to your home is more affordable and less invasive than committing to a full extension project that could leave your home in construction limbo for a significant amount of time.

Sporadic colleague chatter, office deliveries, continuous keyboard clicking – office life comes with a never-ending stream of interruptions.
Another bonus of the remote-working reality we find ourselves in is the escape from the mundane office cubicle.
The tranquillity being amongst nature will help you feel less stressed by the daily pressures of work. It will also create a sense of detachment between moments spent with your family and your working life, conquering the temptation to overwork or give into procrastination.
If being eco friendly is a priority to you (which it should be), having a home garden office will not only cut your daily travel costs reducing your carbon footprint in the process, but the time wasted in traffic can be converted into time spent with your loved ones or focusing on your passion. No more aggravating traffic or chaotic public transport. The start and end to your workday is now a relaxing stroll through your garden.

Having an office in your garden allows you the freedom to create a working schedule specific to your needs. With heightened productivity levels in your new dedicated workspace, you’ll be able to complete your daily responsibilities within your own hours, finally giving you control of your work routine that works best for you.
To summarize, investing in a garden office offers all the perks of working from home, minus the distractions.

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