How to add light to dark rooms with Interior Design.

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Your Home

Living in a home with minimal natural light can leave your home feeling a little on the dim side and could result in a lot of space being left unused. Trying to get natural light into a dark room can seem like a tough task to do, too, which may result in that room never getting used. Fortunately, adding windows or wall demolition are not the only options when it comes to transforming an uninviting area in your home into an inspiring airy space.

Here are our top 5 tips for adding light to a dark room with interior design.

Add bright art

A quick way to bring a space back to life without any maintenance is by adding art as a focal point. Artwork elevates a room by creating a feature point that the eye will naturally gravitate to.

Artwork featuring a vibrant pop of colour can also add depth to an otherwise dull space.

Neutral colour palettes

By painting your walls light neutral shades, you’ll allow more light to reflect throughout the room, giving the illusion of a brighter space.

Light-toned ceilings can help make a room appear more spacious as the walls feel higher. Another element to consider is the finish of the paint you select. A satin finish paint on your ceiling will create a reflective sheen, also adding to the brightness of the space.

Light wood flooring

Dark coloured finishings or furniture could make an already dark room feel more heavy or cluttered. Light stains for wood flooring is an easy, inexpensive way to brighten up and modernize a room by accenting its natural light.

Another bonus is light hardwood floors tend to conceal scratches and dirt far less than dark wood floors, making them easier to maintain.

Add a vibrant rug

Although dark flooring adds richness and depth to a home, it also tends to draw light out of a room. Not only is adding a lively colourful area rug a unique way to give a room character, but it’s also a great solution for modifying a dull area into a bright, refreshing space.

Mirrors, mirrors and more mirrors

Create the illusion that your room has double the amount of natural lighting than it does with the help of reflective surfaces.

Mirrors can amplify the light in a room by bouncing existing natural light throughout the area.

Strategically placing multiple mirrors in an area will help carry light, illuminating the darkest corners.

To take “livening up” your room to the next level, add plants to your space, literally adding life. The addition of plants will feel more airy and bright even without any new light sources.

Implementing strategic design and decor skills to brighten your home is not only time-saving but it’s also incredibly cost-effective as it means you don’t need to rely on major construction or other structural changes to liven up your space.