Which Doors Would Be Best for My Extension?

by | May 26, 2020 | Extensions, Inspiration

Whether you’re planning a rear, side or wraparound extension for your home, the doors you choose can transform the look and feel of the entire thing. The right doors not only allow access to the outside world but let light into your home and can even be a special feature that creates the ‘wow’ factor for future buyers. We weigh up the main options to help you choose the best doors for your extension…


Sliding Doors


Sliding doors have been a popular addition to homes for several decades now but still provide a modern feel. The reasons for their popularity are multiple; they provide loads of natural light and stunning views whilst also being able to cover large areas and be fully glazed.

Sliding doors are great if you’re looking for space efficiency because the opening mechanism doesn’t require any space either inside or outside of the house, unlike French or bi-fold doors. You can even have doors which slide into cavities within the wall, known as a ‘pocket door’. 

The only downsides with sliding doors are that it’s a lot of glass to clean and you will need to invest in large curtains or blinds!


French Doors

French doors may seem to some to be too much of an obvious, conventional choice but they shouldn’t be overlooked. French doors will give a timeless, classic touch to your extension that appeals to many. Mass appeal is important when it comes to adding value and appealing to future buyers.

French doors open outwards on a hinge as opposed to the sliding mechanism of patio doors. This can give a traditional feel which can add character to a new build or boost the charm of older, period properties.

French doors can allow you to let air and light into your home whilst maintaining privacy by avoiding too many panes of glass.


Bi-fold Doors


Bi-fold doors are the most convenient option and have been growing in popularity in recent years. Bi-fold doors contain glass panes and have sections that fold into each other in a concertina effect. These doors can be a great focal point for your extension and provide a great way of merging the inside and outside in those hot summer months because they allow you to have an entire wall made of glass and opened.

If you’re really looking for the ‘wow’ factor and have the budget to go with it, these are the doors for you. You can even open up your home in a 180 manner by using these doors with floating corners. These doors are great for larger homes, or those with larger gardens, but they don’t come cheap. They also take up a bit of space when opened, unlike sliding doors.



Once you have decided which type of doors you want, there are still different styles to choose from.

Repetition – If you are building a large extension and have the space then you may want to create a repetition effect by having multiple of the same door style. This is commonly seen with French doors, where there are two sets. This not only creates a nice look but also allows for more natural light being let into the property.

Timber – If you’re looking to create a more rustic look or maybe even use reclaimed wood for an environmental aspect, consider using timber frames rather than metal. They will need more care and treatment but, on the flip side, will be much easier to repair.

Crittal – These are steel-framed windows which are seeing a resurgence in popularity owing to their ability to create stylish glass structures to suit current trends with perfectly blended glazing and metalwork.

When choosing the right doors for your extension, consider functionality, what type of look you want and what you can achieve with your budget. The right doors can really set the look for your finished extension so choose carefully!


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