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Gemma Leon

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Home Improvement Checklist for Your Next Home Project

Home improvement projects are fun, but they can also be expensive and time consuming. Use this checklist to make sure that you're prepared for any potential problems before starting your next big project. Can You Afford the Project? Before you start any project, make sure you have enough money available to complete it. If you're not sure whether you'll be able to afford the project, talk with a lender or financial advisor first. The cost of building materials, building contractors, the cost of delays, potential storage options and even the cost of living elsewhere if needs be, all need to…
Gemma Leon
17th May 2022
ExtensionsLoft conversionsNew buildsYour home

Do I Need a Structural Engineer?

Structural Calculations for the Homeowner When considering a newbuild project or even simpler architectural plans, such as plans for a loft conversion or an extension, structural calculations must be part of the process. An architectural designer will create plans suitable for building control approval and in doing so, engage a structural engineer to decipher load bearing walls and/or how many structural beams would be needed to supoort the structure. Accurate structural calculations are crucial to an architectural project because no one wants to build something that later isn't considered structurally sound, or even collapses.  How are Structural Calculations Determined? Structural…
Gemma Leon
13th May 2022

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Garage Conversion?

Garage conversion design Garages are great but sometimes they just aren’t needed due to off street parking or the preferred use of bicycles and public transport. Funnily enough, most people don’t actually use their garage space for their cars but rather to store up bits and bobs – i.e. junk. If you’re looking to add some extra space to your living quarters and perhaps a little value to your home, then read on. How much would a garage conversion cost me? Garage conversions are brilliant because they often create more space for a living room, kitchen extension, home office or…
Gemma Leon
10th May 2022
Loft conversions

How Much Space Do I Need for Loft Stairs?

Loft conversion stairs Sometimes, moving house or buying a bigger property simply isn’t an affordable option and so creating space in an existing property is key for those looking to expand. Loft conversions are one of the most common architectural projects that homeowners embark on to economise on space for extra storage, another bedroom or perhaps an office. One of the most common questions an architectural designer is asked when planning a loft conversion, is how and where to position the loft stairs. When creating loft conversion plans, the loft stairs are one of the key design elements to consider…
Gemma Leon
4th May 2022
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Plans for a Garden Room?

Whether you need a work from home space away from all distractions, a games room or even extra storage, a garden room may be a wise idea!   Garden Room Designs When an extension isn’t an option and moving altogether is completely out of the question, a garden room can be an affordable and effective way of creating more space in a part of your property that is probably under utilised. The possibilities are endless when it comes to garden room plans and depending on budget and space for the project, one could create an office, a games room, a…
Gemma Leon
26th April 2022
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Eco Friendly Plans in the UK

As the UK moves closer to becoming a Balkanized nation, it's more important to focus on eco-friendly project builds. These homes and buildings are more environmentally friendly and surprisingly, they can also be cost-effective. In this post, we'll look at some of the best eco-friendly build options available in the UK today. We'll have something for everyone, from timber frame homes to passive solar homes. Let's get started!   Green Building Plans and Eco-Design in the UK - A Brief History One of the biggest reasons to focus on eco-friendly architectural plans is to reduce our individual carbon footprint in…
Gemma Leon
19th April 2022
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Do You Need Planning Permission for an Extension?

There is no denying the fact that a beautifully planned extension can transform your entire home. An extension offers the opportunity to add space, value and contemporary design -  an investment that definitely pays off. Whatever your requirements may be, you should understand the specifications in regards to extension planning permission and extension building regulations, before starting your project.   Planning Permission or Permitted Development? Gorgeous open plan kitchen Planning permission gauges whether your extension plan aligns with local policies or whether it would cause unacceptable damage or impairment to the local area. Some extensions will not require planning permission,…
Gemma Leon
11th April 2022
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Do You Need Planning Permission for a Loft Conversion?

Loft conversions can be built in all types of shapes, sizes, and scales. Whether you will need planning permission drawings for loft conversions in England and Wales, depends on specific factors. Some of these include : · Your location i.e. areas of natural beauty · The type of property you wish to convert · The size of the proposed loft conversion plans plans · The type of loft conversion design design Understanding Loft Conversion Permitted Development Rights In most cases, loft conversions are regarded as permitted development projects. This means that you are not required to obtain formal loft conversion…
Gemma Leon
4th April 2022