Essential Home Buying Tips: A Guide for First-Time Buyers and Renovators

by | Jun 26, 2024 | Property Search

This is Dave’s face when a property has no garage, a small garden and a family of 5 with one bathroom…

Whether you’re investing in your first home, planning to renovate a house to improve its value, or seeking the perfect space for your growing family, these tips are tailored to ensure you make forward-thinking and value-orientated decisions!! Let’s get into it…

1. The Importance of Garden Space

A garden is more than just an outdoor space; it’s a valuable asset to those with a family or sociable lifestyle, to pet owners and gardners. It adds significant value to your property. When selecting a home, consider the garden’s size, layout, and potential for landscaping. A well-maintained garden offers a serene environment for relaxation, a safe play area for children, and can even be a productive space for growing your own vegetables. Nearly all future buyers will benefit from a garden that allows them to enjoy the outdoors or allows future extension.

2. Creating a Functional Home Office (Or dressing room xoxo)

In today’s remote working world, a dedicated home office is essential. Look for properties with an extra room, or space that has the potential to be converted into a home office. Bonus points if the room has some natural light, some people have enough space for a day bed in there for extra guests (or to hide from family!). A well-designed home office can boost productivity and make working from home a pleasant experience. You may not use a small room for this function, but a future buyer likely will! If you have no children, your dressing room awaits.

3. Maximising Storage Solutions

Effective storage is crucial for maintaining your home, speaking as someone who has experienced the diabolical impact a cramped home can have. Storage is the key to minimising the mental clutter that comes with a cluttered home. When viewing properties, pay attention to garages, built-in storage opportunity such as modern wardrobes, and under the stair cupboards for example. Innovative storage solutions can help you maximise space and keep your home tidy – space is king.

4. The Possibility For a Playroom

A dedicated playroom is a fantastic addition for families with young children. Look for homes with flexible spaces that can be adapted into a playroom, whether you use it for that or not is your choice. Nothing beats a room that is storage for toys and a place for noise! A well-planned playroom can evolve with children’s needs over time and makes a great snug in later years.

5. The Convenience of En-Suite Bathrooms

En-suite bathrooms offer a level of convenience and privacy that is so worth it for your own comfort. When house hunting, look for large master rooms that provide the option of an en-suite at a later date. These spaces are ideal for renovating, they’re a luxury and add to any home’s value. Also, it’s lovely for parents to have a space that is theirs, and for guests to feel more at ease in your home when using a family bathroom you don’t need as much access to.

6. The Holy Grail – LAUNDRY ROOMS!

A functional laundry room makes household chores much more manageable and keeps them contained. Look for homes with dedicated laundry spaces or the option for this. Dedicated space for your washer and dryer and a basket is good enough. Laundry rooms offer extra storage space, improve the aesthetic of open-plan living spaces and keep any noise or mess at bay. They also help property value. Who doesn’t want to shove all of their dirty washing in a cupboard or room that no one can see, when they’ve had a long day??

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Additional Considerations For Buying A Home – Family Growth

When selecting a home, it’s important to think about your future needs or your buyers’ future needs. Choose a property that can accommodate a growing family, with enough potential to be improved and the space to do this. Consider the home’s proximity to schools, parks, and amenities. Investing in a property that can grow with your family ensures long-term stability.

Renovation Insights

For those looking to renovate, it’s essential to identify properties with potential or things ticked off the GOSPEL list. Focus on homes that require cosmetic upgrades and can accommodate floorplan changes. Simple renovations like updating the kitchen, bathrooms, or adding fresh paint can significantly increase the property’s value also.

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