Why Garden Rooms are Becoming More Popular

by | Mar 8, 2023 | Garden Rooms, New Builds

Garden rooms are the perfect way to add usable square footage to your home without having to undergo a major renovation. They can be built in a range of shapes and sizes, and designed specifically for your intended use. Whether you’re looking for an affordable way to add space to your home or just a unique place to relax, garden rooms can be a great solution.

It’s becoming increasingly common for homeowners to consider building a garden room rather than extending their home and there are several benefits associated with doing so. With the right drawing plans, these rooms can be an excellent addition to any garden, providing a comfortable and stylish space to unwind or entertain. Some of the main reasons why garden rooms are becoming more popular include; 

Versatile New Room

Garden rooms can be used for a variety of purposes and they are an incredibly versatile addition to any modern home. Commonly, homeowners will turn their garden room into a; 

  • Home office – Many people work from home these days and a garden room is a great space to create a dedicated office away from the rest of the house.
  • Yoga studio/home gym – Garden rooms can be used as a quiet, peaceful place to enjoy yoga and other forms of exercise.
  • Playroom – To give kids their own special play area away from the main house, garden rooms can be turned into playrooms. 
  • Art studio – From painting to pottery, a garden room can provide a great space for artists and craftsmen to work on creative projects.
  • Reading room – Garden rooms are the perfect place to set up a cosy library and they’re a quiet place where people can read and relax. 
  • Entertainment room – For hosting parties and other gatherings with friends and family, garden rooms are ideal for a bar, dart board, pool table and other games. 

No matter what you have in mind for a garden room, it’s easy to transform a small area of your garden into somewhere you enjoy spending time all year round. 

Budget-Friendly Renovation

When compared to other popular renovation options, such as converting your loft space, garden rooms are relatively low-cost. You won’t have to save up for years to be able to build extra usable space in your garden and this is an inexpensive way to upgrade your home. Often, garden rooms are easy to install as well and the building work can be completed in a short space of time, so creating a garden room won’t be a long and disruptive process. 

Stress-Free Design and Planning

Typically, garden rooms will be exempt from Building Regulations Approval since the floor plans are quite small and they’re not used for sleeping accommodation. This makes the design and planning process much less stressful. Depending on the garden room plans you have drawn up, you might not need Planning Permission either and a simple Lawful Development Certificate can provide peace of mind that you won’t encounter any problems in the future. 

When you work with an architectural designer, you can create garden room construction drawings that meet all of your needs. They will turn your ideas into a clear plan that your chosen builders can follow, so you can trust you will be delighted with the space once completed. 

Extra Feature for Buyers

Not only does a garden room provide you with a space that you can enjoy during your time of homeownership, but it can help to make your property more appealing to prospective buyers in the future. A well-designed garden room can add value to your property and help you to attract more buyers when you put your home on the market. This extra feature will make your property stand out and help you to have a quick sale. 

Getting Garden Room Construction Drawings

If you’ve been considering building a garden room, there are so many benefits to doing so and this structure will be an excellent addition to your home. Should you need assistance with architectural plans for this renovation project, our team at Arkiplan is here to help. We provide comprehensive assistance with garden room construction drawings and we can bring your ideas and sketches to life, creating garden room plans that meet all of your needs. 

Unlike traditional architectural services, we predominantly operate online at Arkiplan. We won’t need to visit your property several times to create detailed drawings and you can find out more about how our service works on our website. When you turn to us for assistance with drawing plans, we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. We are committed to providing professional garden room construction drawings at fixed prices and our standard turnaround time is only two weeks. There’s no one better to contact when you need architectural drawings.