Bathroom Design Tips for Small Spaces

by | May 20, 2022 | Inspiration, Your Home

Small bathrooms can be challenging, but there are many things you can do to make the most of the limited space. Here are some ideas:

Maximise Storage Space

One of the biggest challenges of small spaces is storage. You need to find ways to store everything you use every day. If you have a lot of items, consider using baskets or shelves instead of drawers. One clever tip is to create spaces for toiletries inside of designated shower spaces – easy to reach and a no brainer when it comes to a clutter free bathroom.

Create an Efficient Layout

A good rule of thumb when working on a small bathroom design is to keep things simple. This means having fewer fixtures and appliances, as well as less clutter. It also means making sure that the layout works efficiently. Sometimes, something as simple as deciding which way a door should open or how big a radiator should be, can make all the difference.

Incorporate Lighting into the Design

One of the easiest ways to add some extra light to a small bathroom is by incorporating lighting fixtures into the design. Brighter lights ensure that the bathroom space looks bigger than it is and mood lights can create the ambience needed during relaxation time. Lighting can also help brighten up dark corners that would otherwise look unsightly.

Add a Shower Curtain or Door

A shower curtain or screen door will help keep water off the floor and also creates privacy. If you don’t have enough room for both, consider installing a shower curtain first. You can then add a screen door later. One of the easiest ways to maximise your shower area is by creating a separate shower stall. This will allow you to keep your toiletries out of sight while still having access to them when needed. You can also use a wall cabinet to store towels and other items.

Think of Comfortable Flooring

If you’re looking to make a big impact in a small area, consider using flooring materials that will last longer than traditional tile or carpet. Hardwood floors are an excellent choice because they offer a durable surface that won’t crack or peel. They also come in a variety of colors and styles, making them easy to match with other elements in the room.

Install Mirrors

Mirrors make any bathroom feel bigger and more luxurious. To create an island effect in a small bathroom, place a large mirror against one wall. This will help reflect light into the room and add more space. If possible, install a window above the sink to let natural light fill the room.

Choose Light Colours

If you’re looking to add some colour to your bathroom, consider using light colours. These colours will brighten up the room without overwhelming it. Bright whites or cool creams help to make a small space look bigger and cleaner.

Add Colourful Accents

Adding colour to a small bathroom can make it feel larger than it really is. A bright accent wall adds visual interest and helps define spaces. You can also use colourful towels, rugs, and other accessories to give your bathroom a pop of colour.