Simple DIY design ideas to transform your space

by | Aug 9, 2021 | Your Home

Want to renovate your home to achieve a straight-out-of Pinterest aesthetic on a budget?

These entry-level projects of minor refurbishings and decorative detailing will quickly transform your space without spiralling costs.

Faux textured wall.

Whether you’re using grey paint and a buffing technique to fake a concrete wall, or you’re adding in a few different shades of stain to create the illusion of wood grain, an artificial textured wall has the ability to create dimension and texture even in the most basic spaces.

If you don’t want to commit to transforming a full wall from top to bottom, why not start small by adding a moulding detail to a room? Adding moulding to an area is an instant way to transform a standard room into timeless opulence.

You also have the freedom to get creative with your decorating style as trim techniques are virtually endless. You can opt for a simple, narrow trim if you’d like to keep things elegant or get more artistic with layered detailing, highlighting along architectural edges of your room or a more bold statement with multiple styes of moulding.

Let’s not skip the most basic and affordable improvement of them all, paint! Talking about keeping things simple, a fresh coat of paint is always a go-to way to amp-up a room. Stick to a classic white or light neutral shades to open up spaces or give your room character featuring a coloured accent wall.

Wooden plank flooring.

Is there anything more homey than wooden flooring? The hardwood flooring you’ve always dreamt of is not only super achievable, but cost-effective too. It’s as simple as this, pick the type of wood you’d like, cut the wood into 8 inch strips, grab a nail gun to secure in place and seal it off with a varnish.

Take your new wood flooring to a whole new level of stylish with a coat of paint.

Faux wood ceiling beams.

Exposed wood ceiling beams are an architectural hallmark creating the illusion of higher ceilings while adding charm. Adding wooden beams to your home is surprisingly easier than you’d think, you also have the choice to make your beam any size and finish you want, depending on the look you’re going for. Rustic and beautiful, these design elements demand attention. Another benefit of adding exposed ceiling beams is a high likelihood of an increase in your home’s appeal.

Upgrade your staircase.

A staircase is usually the first focal point for a visitor when entering a home. Making your staircase the statement of your home’s entryway is a fairly easy transformation to make even for the most basic do-it-yourselfer.

Simply applying a fresh coat of paint, removing old tattered carpets and cleaning up the staircase foundation beneath, or even adding a vibrant runner carpet, are foolproof ways to modify your aged staircase.

Install a skylight.

Skylights are a relatively economical solution for dark, unused space in a home. They allow light to flow in and breathe life into a once gloomy interior. While sawing a hole in your roof might seem intimidating, with careful measuring, a DIY skylight installation is possible.

Countertop upgrade.

Swapping out your worn out countertop for a functional surface like imitation marble or salvaged wood will revive and add extravagance to your kitchen, without excessive costs.

Replace your backsplash.

Why hold onto outdated patterns when you can achieve a modern, edgy backsplash at an affordable price with minimal effort?

If you aren’t ready to commit to a backsplash of decorative patterns or solid colour accents for an extended period of time, vinyl adhesive backsplash tiles are easy to fit and best of all, you can simply peel them off when you’re ready for a new look.

Trying out simple DIY design ideas when your home is due for a refreshing makeover, instead of investing in complete remodelling, will keep you from breaking the bank and can often lead to surprisingly high-grade results. You’ll also get to indulge in the pride of knowing the epic transformation was all you!